Sunday, August 31, 2008

150th Year Julibee Celebrations

Hi Annites,
This is Lalita Vasu from the 1975 batch. We had a meeting in the school today (August 31, 2008) about the Sesquicentennial celebrations of our school. The first step towards this is to try and reach out to as many Annites as possible. If you are an Annite, please post your reply to this blog, stating your name, your batch, your email ID and your telephone contact details, and I will get back in touch with you.


Sabrina said...

I had heard from my niece who lives in Pune about the St.Anne's jubilee celebrations and kept checking the site for more information but alas nothing was posted on the celebrations. Happy to receive more information about the jubilee celebrations from you and am grateful that ex-students like you are making such an effort to make this great event a success. Keep up the good work Lalita.
Sabrina Zengerink-Arouze

gitina said...

I am Geetanjali Prabhakar from 2000 batch.
Email address :-

geetanjali{ria} said...

hieeee im from da 2004-05 keep me updated.thanks

shravani said...

Im Shravani Hatkar from 2004 batch
thanks for keeping us posted .....

Fleur said...

I found your blog purely by chance while looking for classmates. Was wonderful to know there was another reunion being planned, since I was not aware of the earlier ones.

I remember seeing something about the 26th of January, but cannot find the info now. I am planning a visit to India in January, and was happy to see that my visit would coincide with the 150th Year Jubilee celebrations.

Can you please advise whether a reunion is planned on this date or not, since I would love to attend. However, I do need to get airtickets and dates sorted out as early as possible.

I am Fleur, nee Freitas, and graduated class of 1972. My email address is fleurbutler_ads at(@)

Please note that I have changed the way the email address is written into three components, so that it does not fall prey to internet spam search spiders. You will need to put the two halves of the address together to make the full address. I would advise any other respondees to do the same since this is an open blog and the text is unsecured, or they will risk getting loads of spam.

Look forward to hearing from you. It's great that you've taken the lead on getting ex-students back together again.

Kind regards

Meera said...
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Meera said...

Hi Lalita,

I came across this blog purely by chance, and it was exciting to hear about the reunion celebrations. Unfortunately, looks like I have missed it already, but would love to be kept informed about any alumni events in the future. Also, if you have any information about an Alumni association for St Anne's, please publish it. I am from the '85 batch, and would love to be in touch with some old friends.

- Meera (mnandaku at gmail dot com)