Saturday, September 20, 2008

Gala Dinner

This evening, we had a gala dinner for ex students in the school. It was awesome! About 100 ex students turned up, some with their husbands. There was one ex student from the batch that passed out in 1941!!
The meeting started with prayer. One of the earliest ex students, Rose, welcomed the gathering. This was followed by the singing of "Alma Mater". Then there was a presentation with pictures from the 1950s down to the 2000s. There was loud cheering from the ex students when the pictures of Mother Sacred Heart, Sr. Pia, Sr. Goretti, Sr. Catherine, Miss Doctor, Miss Soares, Miss Tucker and many more were shown.
This was followed by a speech by the current Principal, Sr. Silvia. Then Miss Nirmala Chandy made a presentation about the activities that have been planned throughout the year (actually, all the way upto January 2010), the improvements planned in the school during this period which will help the students and teachers over the coming several years, and the amount of funds needed to finance these improvements.
A request here: Please be generous with your time, efforts, support, and financial contributions now. If ever your school needed your support, it is now!
Then, one by one, the ex students came up and shared with the gathering their feelings on being here today. It was a great trip down memory lane for all of us. If you were not there, please make sure you are there the next time - the next such meet is on January 26, 2009.
It was interesting to hear some Anneites say they studied here, their daughters studied here, and some even said their granddaughters are in the school!
Many of them had very good words to say about Miss Doctor, almost all of them had good words to say about Miss Chandy. A couple of them said they were here for the centenary and now they will be here for the 150th anniversary!!
The meeting ended with sumptuous dinner in the White Hall.
More later.

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